How do you say pneumatic in Spanish?

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adj. pneumatic

Translation: de aire comprimido

Definition of pneumatic in English

Equipped with a mechanism to shoot projectiles using the force generated by releasing compressed air.

Synonyms of pneumatic in English


Definition of pneumatic in Spanish

Provista de un mecanismo que dispara proyectiles a partir de la fuerza generada al liberar aire de un compresor.

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n. pneumatic drill

Translation: martillo neumático

Definition of pneumatic drill in English

Electromechanical tool equipped with a handle for both hands and a tip that repeatedly strikes when activated, which is used to open holes in hard surfaces.

Synonyms of pneumatic drill in English

jackhammerdemolition hammer

Definition of pneumatic drill in Spanish

Herramienta electro-mecánica para abrir agujeros en el suelo, dotada de un mango para las dos manos y una punta que golpea repetidamente al activarse.