What does prismáticos mean in English?

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n. prismáticos

Translation: binoculars

Definition of prismáticos in English

Instrumento óptico portátil con dos tubos provistos de lentes, utilizado para ver objetos lejanos.

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Definition of prismáticos in Spanish

Handheld device consisting of two small telescopes attached together, used to view objects at great distances.

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adj. prismáticos (prismático)

Translation: prismatic

Definition of prismático in English

Que tiene la forma del cuerpo geométrico que consta de dos bases planas y paralelas cuyo número de lados se corresponde con la cantidad de paralelogramos que las une.

Definition of prismático in Spanish

Having a geometrical shape that consists of two flat, parallel bases whose number of sides correspond to the number of flat surfaces which join them.