What does puñal mean in English?

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n. puñal

Translation: dagger

Definition of puñal in English

Arma blanca de hoja triangular, punzante y sin filos, provista de empuñadura y guarda.

Definition of puñal in Spanish

Bladed weapon consisting of a short, pointed, triangular blade with unsharpened edges, and a hilt and cross-guard.

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n. puñal arrojadizo

Translation: throwing knife

Definition of puñal arrojadizo in English

Cuchillo ligero y delgado especialmente diseñado para ser lanzado con la mano.

Synonyms of puñal arrojadizo in English

cuchillo arrojadizocuchillo lanzador

Definition of puñal arrojadizo in Spanish

Thin, lightweight knife specially designed to be thrown by hand.