What does pupilas mean in English?

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n. pupilas (pupila)

Translation: pupil

Definition of pupila in English

Abertura contráctil de color negro localizada en el centro del ojo, rodeada por el iris, cuya función principal es regular la cantidad de luz que entra en el ojo.

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Definition of pupila in Spanish

Contracile, black opening located in the center of the eye, surrounded by the iris, whose main function is to regulate the amount of light that passes into the eye.

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n. pupilas (pupilo)

Translation: pupil

Definition of pupilo in English

Persona que aprende una destreza, ciencia o arte bajo la supervisión de un maestro.

Synonyms of pupilo in English


Definition of pupilo in Spanish

Person who learns a specific skill, craft or art under the supervision of an expert or teacher.

Synonyms of pupilo in Spanish